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Monday, March 17, 2008

Fuuma no Kojirou Ep 2 Released!

So its my turn to release something! Fuuma no Kojirou Episode 2!

Sure took us a long time! I ended up working the whole weekend, not even on this! ToT. Well our hard working Miaka came through and finished it up! Yay!

Here's the link!

Fuuma no Kojirou Ep 2

Anyway working hard on the next episode! Hopefully we can crank out two during spring break! At least for MY spring break, I don't know about Miaka's. Also I previewed some drama that Miaka gave me, it looks promising... but only because she wants to be a pedophile about it.

So this isn't from Fuuma no Kojirou... but Engine Sentai Go-Onger! Himeko-sama~! Hanto you pimp, you.

1 comment:

Miaka975 said...

Hey!!! What do you mean by pedophile! O_O

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