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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hello and welcome to SaiMin Subs! This fansubbing group is going to be mainly focused on tokusatsu shows, and basically anything else we can think of :D.

Just to give a little background on why we chose the name SaiMin: To several of us, Saimin means a total of 3 things.

1) Saimin = Ramen, but in a different dialect of Chinese. Saimin is the popular name for this dish in Hawaii, where most of us are from, its served everywhere, including McDonald's! Imagine being able to order ramen from McDonald's! Well we can :D

2) Saimin = 催眠 = hypnosis in Japanese. Do I really have something else to say about this? :D

3) Saimin = Saimin II, our cat. His name is Saimin II, don't forget the II. It comes from him being part siamese... which kinda sounds like saimin.... And since his name is hard to say (no it isn't), we have several nicknames for him, Bien (from BN = benjo neko = bathroom cat), Saimonini, and brat. He belongs to Bakaneko425, ..technically, but he loves his grandma and only sits in IkemenSarang's lap. Miaka975 is the evil aunty who likes to torture him :D. He lives in our home in Hawaii and tortures his brother, Tiggy III, (yes he's the third Tiggy).

We're still a ways from getting our first release out, but I just want to do a little member introductions!


Name: Miaka975
Job here: translator, (temporary webmaster)
What brings in the money (or eats it): graduate student / pharmacy intern
Location: Stockton, California (most of the year) / Honolulu, Hawaii (all other times)
Age:... wouldn't you like to know
Fav genre of music: Visual Kei, hmm yeah mainly VK :D An Cafe is one of my biggest favs :D

Name: KalinKross
Job here: timing, editor
What brings in the money (or eats it): undergrad in English/watches movies for money
Location: Honolulu, HI
Age: 22
Fav genre of music: Anything thats good basically. Golden Age of Boy Bands.

Name: Bakaneko425
Job here: QC, encoder, karaoke
What brings in the money (or eats it): high school
Location: Honolulu,HI
Age: A LOT younger than everyone else
Fav genre of music: pretty much long as it isn't a ballad

Job here: Web Person
What brings in the money (or eats it): Distribution Coordinator, but then all the money gets devoured by Miyavi items
Age: 24
Fav genre of music: Rock

Job here:
Spot Checker / asking real Japanese people what they actually said
What brings in the money (or eats it):
Drive around Miaka975 and Bakaneko425 and buying us dramas and toys :D, going to K-pop concerts
Honolulu, Hawaii
Fav genre of music:


Alright! So now you probably want to know, alright what are they going to be doing?

Current Projects:
Fuuma No Kojirou
Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora (b/c MagiRed was hot )

Future Projects:
Secret project in the works =D


We are open to suggestions! If you are able to provide raws for a show that you want to suggest to be subbed, please message me (Miaka975) at

Also , I just want to say, we're doing this for fun, and we're not getting any profit from this! In fact, we might be losing money by working on this! (thinks about all the study hours I've lost working on this) So please do not bash the members or ask when the next episode will be done. Thats for me to do :D.

So we're open for membership! If you want to join the team, please leave a comment below, or email Miaka975 @ We're looking for any kind of help right now! However, I don't have the skills to teach you how to do things, so hopefully, you're open to self-learning, or already know the basics in aegisub! Thanks guys!


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bakaneko425 said...

yesh hes my kitty!!!^_^ and he's...being bad right now...but MINE!!!*hugs saimin*saimin says"hi everyone!!!watch the episode.if you dont watch my aunty might smoosh me..."

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