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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're SO busy

Well I don't know about everyone else. But I am. I haven't even had time to do much of any of our fansubbing responsiblities because of school ToT so sorry. I felt I had to justify my absence. Even though I don't even think people look at this site.

Well here's an in depth look at... myself! So you stalkers don't get bored
Studies - Soon to be BA in English, minor in Religion, almost minor in Japanese but I got lazy and got bad grades. Recently got accepted to graduate school. Where you may ask? All of this is University of Hawaii.
Likes - J-dorama, tokusatsu, anime ( mecha, plz! oh and fanservice-y kind LOL), racquetball
Dislikes - stupid people, posers, slackers (though i am one)
Future Me - Famous author/professor/magazine editor/screenwriter

Hmm... I think thats it. Well I had some time so I did some more stuff for Fuuma. If we didn't have a lazy typesetter/all the techy things i dunno. I think we may have been cranking this out faster... But.. I just asked Miaka to help me out in learning some more stuff besides timing... but I dunno.... Well till next time people!

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