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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Totally my bad, I'm not joking

Well, I've been caught. And it's totally my bad. Using "my bad" does not mean I'm joking, or even that I'm not taking it seriously. I'm sorry to the people I've hurt, the lives I've ruined, and all the feelings invested.

In my defense, I'd like to say this. I really did not know what I was doing when we started on this project. I didn't know how to work ANYTHING. My Japanese isn't too strong. While I apparently am a crap timer, thats really all I know how to do in this project of ours, besides be a rather GOOD editor, correcting typos/grammar things(I think I missed one or two though). The first episode was my fault alone. Miaka worked long and hard on the translations, she didn't know what or how I was trying to time it. I tried to time it myself but gave up halfway. When I gave up, I looked to see if anyone had started the same project and I found it. I realized that it was wrong, even at that time, but I figured I would know how to change it into our own. I was wrong. I know that, it was always in the back of my head, wondering if someone would find out. You see, I don't take internet seriously. I didn't think people would care. My goal for this project was mainly, to let out the subs to a small audience, mainly friends. I guess, there were bigger ambitions of which I was not aware.

Episode 2 was entirely my doing. I don't care if it was crap or not, I worked on that myself. From a personal stand point, even if someone were to take it, I wouldn't care, then again, I don't take internet seriously. I should "lurk moar", possibly. But I definitely understand plagiarism, that was why I had done episode 2 by myself.

I'm sorry to you Miaka, I really didn't know how to do anything. Thats what drove me to do what I did. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry to everyone else on team. I know you guys worked hard. I'm especially sorry to those I hurt, specifically (Name editted out to protect privacy). I'm truly sorry for what I did. As for the tone of this letter, I apologize. I figured writing in voice would sound more sincere. Again I am sorry.

Because of this matter, we have decided to drop Fuuma no Kojirou. Miaka should have already taken episode 1 off the DD. If you still want it, because you can read fast(I've heard that was my downfall), we'll be happy to crank out something... maybe. If you like to wait forever. But otherwise, we'll be focusing on other projects. Sorry again everyone.

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