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Monday, May 5, 2008

HanTsuki Ep 1 Softsubs Released!

I'm proud to announce the first episode of Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora as a joint project with Skewed Studios!!

Well its only the softsubs for now, but eventually the hardsubs will be out also! Yay for MagiRed Love! <3

Click Here!


Anonymous said...

Ganbare!! To the team of this project^^

Luc said...

Far from me the idea to put pressure on you, if you don't put new episode online it's probably because you have more important things to do, but I'm still interest to see the end of this seri and I still check your web site 2 times a week, I'll be really glad to see the next one ;-)

Miaka975 said...

Don't worry! We still are thinking about this series and really really want to have it finished! Just that....... I have clinical rotations and it takes up like... all my time :( it's a full-time job that I pay tuition to attend :((((

Luc said...

Dear Miaka975,

After your last message, I understand how important your job are for you, this is perfectly normal and I don't expect these last episodes so soon. Thank you very very much, this is a nice Christmas present ;-)

I always have a wear feeling, to be a leecher and don't be able to repay you for the pleasure I got from your work...

Again thanks a lot,


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